Washington DC Termination Based on Age Lawyer

The right to work regardless of age is fundamental to Washington DC labor laws. Unfortunately, the stereotype of an older worker having less energy or being unwilling to adapt to changing workspaces is still prevalent in many employers’ minds.

While this may result in elderly individuals facing adverse effects at work, the District of Colombia Human Rights Law prohibits any employer from taking any action against an employee because of their age. These protections also extend to any worker who believes that their poor experience at work has anything to do with their age.

A Washington DC termination based on age lawyer may be able to help you if you have lost your job because of your seniority status. A well-practiced wrongful termination attorney could help you understand Washington DC’s Human Rights Law, examine how it may apply to your situation, and pursue a lawsuit that demands appropriate compensation.

Protections for Employees Based On Their Age

Washington DC’s labor laws are among the most powerful in the country. Specifically, the Human Rights Law prohibits any discrimination on the part of employers based upon a person’s defining characteristics. Importantly, D.C. Code §2-1402.11(a) includes age as one of these characteristics.

Individuals should also note that D.C. Code §2-1402.11(b) prohibits any employer from terminating an employee because of their age. This could apply to workers who feel that their termination had to do with being too young, or with being too old.

This is an important distinction from similar federal anti-age discrimination laws, which only apply to workers over the age of 40. No matter how old you are, a Washington DC attorney could help you investigate whether your termination was based on your age.

What to Do in Case of Age Discrimination at Work

People who endure termination at work because of their age have two main legal options. First, the Washington DC Office of Human Rights maintains a complaint and investigation procedure for all alleged incidents of age discrimination at work. This office can demand documentary evidence from employers and could act to mediate any disputes or file lawsuits on behalf of workers in Washington DC.

Workers could also file lawsuits directly in court on their own initiative. The Human Rights Act creates a cause of action where an aggrieved employee can file lawsuits against their employers and demand actual monetary damages endured because of the termination, liquidated damages to punish intentional illegal conduct, and even attorney’s fees.

Formerly, an employee would need to prove that the sole motivating factor for their discrimination was their age. Currently, however, the DCHRA only requires that a plaintiff in a lawsuit demonstrate that age was one of the reasons for their termination. A termination based on age lawyer in Washington DC could help you choose the legal path that provides you with the best chance for a positive outcome.

Let a Washington DC Termination Based on Age Attorney Help to Hold Discriminatory Workplaces Liable

No matter their age, every person has the right to work if they so choose. Washington DC’s Human Rights Law prohibits any type of discrimination in the workplace because of a person’s age. Contrary to the federal laws, the DC law applies to all people regardless of their youth or seniority, so it is illegal for an employer to terminate any employee because of their age.

A Washington DC termination based on age lawyer could help you if you have endured termination and believe that your age was a factor in this decision. They may be able to help to obtain employer records, use them for creating a theory of a case, and to pursue compensation in Washington DC’s courts. The time to file a case is short, so act swiftly to protect your rights.