Washington DC Termination in Breach of Employment Contract Lawyer

If you are an independent contractor, a temporary employee, or are working under an employment contract, you might worry about what could happen if your employer breached your contract. Legally speaking, a breach of contract occurs when an employer fails to perform their promised duties or deliver on pre-determined obligations.

You should retain a seasoned attorney to help you pursue legal recompense if your termination was the result of a breach of your employment contract. For legal assistance after a wrongful dismissal, call a Washington DC termination in breach of employment contract lawyer today.

Breach of Government Contracts

Many DC employees enter into contracts with government entities, and there are statutes that protect contractors from a breach by a government organization. For example, the Code of the District of Columbia §2-223.02 prohibits government employers from ending an agreement with a contractor for fear of whistleblowing. It is against public policy for government organizations to engage in wrongdoing and subsequently terminate employment contracts with anyone who becomes suspicious of them.

Breach of Employment Contracts in Washington DC

DC contracts are subject to different laws depending on the length and nature of the employment. For instance, employment contracts expected to last for one year or more are subject to the Statute of Frauds, which means that they must be in writing. Fortunately, a lawyer in Washington DC who has experience with termination in breach of employment contract cases could help identify which laws are applicable to your circumstances.

Termination by Contractors

Contractors who hire laborers or subcontractors are subject to specialized regulations for their profession and could be in violation of the law if they terminate employment by breaching a contract. Per the Displaced Workers Protection Act of 1994, a contractor who is taken off a job is required to provide the names of their workers to their replacement for a possible continuation of employment.

Employees who have been working under contract for eight months or longer may retain their rights under the agreement regardless of whether a new contractor is hired. A new contractor is mandated to keep laborers on for at least 90 more days during a transition period, and they must also maintain a preferential hiring list based on seniority. A Washington DC termination in breach of employment contract attorney could help you determine which laws apply to your situation and educate you about their applicability.

Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract Cases

The statute of limitations is the legal time window within which a plaintiff may file a lawsuit for damages. D.C. Code §12-301 gives a terminated contract employee up to three years to file a lawsuit for a breach of their agreement.

This time frame may differ according to individual situations. As such, it might be helpful for you to speak with qualified legal counsel as soon as possible.

Call a Washington DC Termination in Breach of Employment Contract Attorney Today

Workers who were dismissed through a canceled agreement may have an opportunity to pursue a legal remedy for their troubles. A Washington DC termination in breach of employment contract lawyer could work to build a strong case for you based on relevant federal and local laws. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your rights with qualified legal counsel.