Washington DC Constructive Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Many employees in Washington DC know that if they were wrongfully fired from their jobs, they may be able to file a claim against their former employer for wrongful termination. However, you may not be sure about your rights when a situation at work gets so bad that you are forced to quit.

An experienced wrongful termination attorney could help you determine whether you have a claim for constructive termination. A Washington DC constructive wrongful termination lawyer could review your situation to determine any available potential remedies and how to best protect your rights after your negative employment experience.

Understanding Constructive Wrongful Termination

Constructive wrongful termination, also known in DC as constructive discharge, occurs when an employee has a legally justifiable reason for quitting employment. For example, local courts have held that an employer who requires an employee to violate the law as part of work duties effectively forces the employee to quit, which equates to firing that employee.

In a constructive termination situation, an employer does not initiate the termination of employment—rather, an employee alleges that their employer’s actions made working conditions so heinous that they had no choice but to quit. This can be difficult to prove, but a DC constructive wrongful termination attorney should be able to help you understand these challenges and work effectively to overcome them.

Constructive Termination Claims Frequently Involve Illegal Harassment

Both federal laws and Washington DC laws forbid harassment in the workplace. Harassment over any of the following traits could provide grounds for a constructive wrongful termination lawsuit:

Additionally, the harassment must usually consist of more than a single isolated incident. This could entail either a pattern of conduct or an exceptionally severe episode.

This behavior does not need to come from a supervisor—a claim can be brought as long as the supervisor or employer knew of the conduct and allowed it to continue. A constructive wrongful termination lawyer in Washington DC could help you gather evidence to demonstrate that pervasive harassment which forced you to resign constituted constructive termination.

Remedies for Constructive Wrongful Termination

The goal of any lawsuit is to restore a victim of unfair or illegal behavior to the condition they were in prior to suffering harm caused by another. However, since it is not possible to turn back the clock and completely undo harm, the courts may award monetary compensation to make up for various injuries and losses.

If you endured constructive wrongful termination, you may be entitled to monetary damages for both economic and non-economic effects. Economic losses cover factors that can be represented by a numeric monetary value such as lost wages and lost benefits. In rare cases, harmful situations at work may also cause physical ailments, so damages may be provided to cover medical expenses as well.

Qualified legal counsel could also help you recover damages for intangible effects suffered such as emotional anguish, depression, and more. Additionally, an attorney could help you pursue injunctive relief under certain circumstances.

Call a Washington DC Constructive Wrongful Termination Attorney Today

Laws regarding constructive discharge are still evolving, so if you are considering legal action, it may be wise to consult with a qualified attorney who is thoroughly familiar with this area of employment law. A Washington DC constructive wrongful termination lawyer could review your circumstances and discuss your legal options with you.

The best opportunity to collect evidence to support your claim is soon after the incident, so prompt action could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Learn more about what may be possible to achieve after your constructive wrongful termination by calling today.