Washington DC Termination Based on a Disability Lawyer

Individuals with certain disabilities may be left entirely unable to hold a job, while other people suffer from conditions that limit their ability to work. For these individuals, an employer must make a reasonable accommodation that allows them to keep their job. Employers who fail to take these steps may violate Washington DC law.

The Washington DC Human Rights Law states that no person should suffer discrimination because of a disability. The law also says that no employer can discharge, refuse to hire, or otherwise negatively affect a person’s job because of that disability. If you have faced termination because of your disability, you may have legal options to pursue restitution.

A Washington DC termination based on a disability lawyer could work with you to understand what reasonable accommodations your employer might have been required to make. If your employer failed to make these accommodations, an accomplished wrongful termination attorney could help you pursue a case in court.

Rights of People with Disabilities in Washington DC

The District of Colombia Human Rights Law is a wide-ranging piece of legislation that aims to prevent discrimination in every person’s life. This law prohibits discrimination based upon who a person is or what medical conditions they may have. Individuals with disabilities certainly fit within this legal outline.

This legislation also expressly prohibits discrimination in the workplace. Specifically, D.C. Code §2-1402.11 prohibits any workplace from refusing to hire, terminating, or otherwise affecting a person’s job because of their disability. It should be noted that this does not mean that an employer can refuse to hire a person for a job because of their physical condition.

As an example, it does not make sense for a roofing contractor to hire a person in a wheelchair to install gutters. Similarly, a roofer who suffers an injury that confines them to a wheelchair cannot claim discrimination when their employer lets them go.

As an alternative, owners are required to make reasonable accommodations that may help employees perform the jobs. For instance, a worker who now uses a wheelchair could request that their employer provide assistance with reaching items on high shelves in an office or install ramps that lead to other parts of the building.

It is when an employer fails to make these changes that you may have a cause of action to file a lawsuit. A termination based on a disability attorney could help you understand how Washington DC laws could affect your legal rights if you believe you were fired because of your disability.

Legal Options Following an Illegal Termination

The DC Office of Human Rights takes a direct interest in any activity that threatens the legal rights of citizens. This office could initiate investigations upon worker requests that may end in the censuring or even prosecution of employers who violate the law. However, this may not result in any compensation for a worker who faced an illegal termination because of their disability.

The Human Rights Law in DC also provides a private cause of action for aggrieved workers to file lawsuits in court which allege that an employer illegally fired an employee at least in part because of their disability. These suits may demand a variety of remedies that include reinstatement, receipt of back pay, liquidated damages in extreme cases of discrimination, and attorney’s fees. A termination based on a disability lawyer in Washington DC could help you evaluate your case and choose the best legal path moving forward.

Let a Washington DC Termination Based on a Disability Attorney Fight for You

Few experiences in life are as disheartening as suffering a disabling injury. It takes time to come to terms with your new limitations, and the last thing that you should have to worry about is losing your job. Employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations whenever possible to allow disabled employees to keep their jobs.

While some employers choose to ignore this requirement, you may have the right to demand compensation if this has occurred in your case. A Washington DC termination based on a disability lawyer may be able to help you to press your rights in court and demand payments for lost wages, for reinstatement to a position with required accommodation. Contact us today to learn more.