Washington DC Termination Due to Discrimination Lawyer

Washington DC labor laws emphasize that all people have the right to earn a living. Accordingly, DC employs a collection of statutes and enforcement agencies dedicated to protecting the rights and opportunities of all citizens.

Unfortunately, many employers are either ignorant of these laws or ignore them, and as a result, many employees face termination for illegal reasons. Both the District of Colombia Human Rights Law and the District of Colombia Family and Medical Leave Act (DCFLMA) provide protections for workers whose employers violate these statutes.

A Washington DC termination due to discrimination lawyer may be able to help if you believe that you lost your job for discriminatory reasons. Once retained, our wrongful termination attorneys could explain the relevant laws, investigate the incident, and work with you to take appropriate legal action on your behalf.

DC Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace

Employees in Washington DC are protected by the Human Rights Law, a collection of statutes which prohibits discriminatory behavior in many spheres of life. D.C. Code §2-1402.11 specifically applies those protections to the workplace, stating that no employer can terminate, refuse to hire, or take any otherwise negative action against an employee because of who they are.

The statute further establishes that is it illegal to discriminate against a person because of their:

A Washington DC termination due to discrimination attorney could help you better understand how the Human Rights Law protects you in the workplace.

Medical Leave Discrimination

Workers in Washington DC also enjoy the right to take medical or maternal/parental leave. The District of Colombia Family and Medical Leave Act states that workplaces with at least 20 employees must provide at least 16 weeks of leave for medical situations, including childbirth.

It is also discriminatory to fire an employee for attempting to take this leave. However, this only applies if the employee has been with the company for at least one year.

A DC Worker’s Legal Rights Following an Unlawful Termination

Whether you face or have experienced termination as a result of who you are or because you attempted to take leave, you have legal options. The first is to file a complaint with the DC Office of Human Rights, which is dedicated to investigating and punishing any alleged wrongful terminations or discriminatory acts committed by employers.

Victims of discriminatory firings also or alternatively have the right to pursue their own lawsuits in court alleging a direct violation of the DC Human Rights Act or DCFMLA. Plaintiffs in these cases typically demand back pay, reinstatement at their position, reinstatement of their seniority, liquidated damages, or attorney’s fees. A knowledgeable Washington DC lawyer from our team could help you pursue the legal path that best fits your goals following termination due to discrimination.

Call a Washington DC Termination Due to Discrimination Attorney as Soon as Possible

Unfortunately, many workplaces make distinctions based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, or age, and many workers find themselves facing discrimination as a result. A qualified attorney could help you evaluate your case by investigating the incident, applying the evidence in the case to the relevant DC discrimination laws, and filing complaints in court that demand appropriate remedies. The time to file a case is limited, so contact a Washington DC termination due to discrimination lawyer today.