Washington DC Termination Based on Gender Lawyer

The laws in Washington DC make it illegal to discriminate against a person because of their biological sex or gender identity. While a firing at work based on gender could bring a District investigation, you may also have the right to pursue a lawsuit demanding compensation.

If you find yourself facing such circumstances, a Washington DC termination based on gender lawyer may be able to help you. Our dedicated wrongful termination attorneys could assist you with understanding the role of gender in anti-discrimination laws and to seek enforcement of your rights in court.

How Does Washington DC Define Gender?

The law in Washington DC recognizes the fact that society’s understanding of gender and gender roles has changed dramatically. However, while the District of Colombia Human Rights Law states that no person should undergo discrimination because of their gender identity or expression, it is crucial to understand what this really means.

D.C. Code §2-1401.02 (12A) defines gender identity or expression as, “…a gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual, regardless of the individual’s assigned sex at birth.” This means that a person’s gender is how they self-identify and project themselves onto society. A Washington DC attorney could help you understand how this definition of gender may impact your lawsuit for termination based on gender.

The Effect of Gender Upon Termination

Washington DC holds to the concept that most employment is “at-will,” meaning an employer is free to end a person’s job without notice. The main exception to this rule is that an employer cannot fire an employee because of who that employee is.

Specifically, D.C. Code §2-1402.11 states that any discharge of an employee because of that employee’s status as a protected class is illegal. Since gender is one such protected class, an employer cannot fire an employee because of their gender.

The Human Rights Law also creates a private cause of action whereby a terminated employee could file a lawsuit demanding satisfaction. These lawsuits do not need to show that a person’s gender was the sole reason for their firing. Alternatively, a plaintiff must merely show that their gender was a contributing factor in the employer’s decision.

These lawsuits can demand a variety of outcomes, which may include:

  • Direct monetary damages
  • Reinstatement at work
  • Liquidated damages in cases of extreme discrimination
  • Attorney’s fees

A Washington DC termination based on gender lawyer could help you with collecting evidence of discrimination to use in court.

How a Washington DC Termination Based on Gender Attorney Could Help

Just as employers cannot discriminate against you because of their sex, it is also illegal to discriminate against you because of your gender identity. No matter how you identify yourself, an employer cannot take adverse action against you because of that identity. Employers who do take such action may face a government investigation and open themselves up to civil liability.

A Washington DC termination based on gender lawyer could help you if you have suffered termination at work because of your gender. Our legal team could work with you to gather evidence of any non-overt actions made by your company that indicate discrimination.

Armed with this information, your attorney might assist with forming demand letters that aim to meet your goals and, if necessary, could take your case to court to demand that your rights are respected. Contact our firm today to discover your legal options following an illegal firing based on your gender.