Washington DC Termination While on Medical Leave Lawyer

Many workers suffer from medical conditions that interfere with their ability to work. Fortunately, Washington DC law requires employers to provide up to 16 weeks of medical leave during each 24-month period.

Some employers remain unaware of—or choose to ignore—these laws and terminate an employee who attempts to take advantage of this legal right. Employers who do so may open themselves up to administrative penalties as well as civil lawsuits.

A Washington DC termination while on medical leave lawyer may be able to help you if you have lost your job because of the need to take medical leave. By working with one of our attorneys, you could better understand Washington DC’s medical leave laws, determine if you qualify for medical leave, and take legal action against employers who violate these rights.

Washington DC’s Protections for Ill Employees

Washington DC’s residents and workers enjoy some of the most powerful pro-employee labor laws anywhere in the country. One prominent example is the expanded protections provided by the District of Colombia Family and Medical Leave Act (DCFLMA). According to D.C. Code §32-503, an employee who becomes unable to perform their job because of a serious health condition is entitled to up to 16 weeks of leave every two years.

However, these protections do not apply to everyone. Workers at small businesses may not benefit from this law, as it only applies to workplaces with at least 20 employees. Disabled workers must also have been employed at their current jobs for at least one year prior to filing leave applications. A Washington DC termination while on medical leave attorney could help you identify whether you qualify for coverage under DCFMLA.

Illegal Employer Acts

Under D.C. Code §32-507(a), it is illegal for any employer to deny the right of an employee to take medical leave. It is also illegal for an employer to discharge or otherwise discriminate against any worker who files a claim or who reports any violation of this law. Therefore, it is an actionable offense for any employer to terminate or discriminate against a worker because they apply for medical leave.

The law creates a civil cause of action for people who have suffered negative employment effects after filing DCFLMA claims. According to D.C. Code §32-510, DC courts have jurisdiction to hear cases alleging termination because of medical leave. A termination while on medical leave lawyer could help workers in Washington DC file complaints in court and interface with any existing government investigations.

A successful DCFLMA claim can demand compensation for any actual money damages incurred by denial of leave. Claims can also include restitution for liquidated damages intended to punish especially abhorrent employer behavior, pre-judgment interest, and even attorneys’ costs.

How a Washington DC Termination While on Medical Leave Attorney Could Help

Washington DC’s laws concerning the right to take medical leave are among the strongest in the country. Employees who belong to companies with at least 20 workers and who have been employed there for at least one year are eligible to pursue wrongful termination lawsuits involving medical leave.

A Washington DC termination while on medical leave lawyer could help you understand DCFLMA laws—as well as how and if they apply to your situation—if you endured unlawful termination after taking or requesting medical leave. Our attorneys could also file complaints in Washington DC’s courts demanding compensation, reinstatement, or even liquidated damages from at-fault employers. You have only one year from the time of dismissal to file a claim, so call today to start working on yours.