Washington DC Termination Based on Race Lawyer

Modern employment laws aim to give every person an equal chance at success no matter their race. Both federal laws and Washington DC statutes provide equal protection in the workplace.

However, some employers choose to either ignore these laws or are ignorant of their effect upon the careers of their workers. If you have endured a termination at your job and believe that race was a motivating factor, you may have the right to pursue compensation.

In such circumstances, a Washington DC termination based on race lawyer could able to help you. Well-versed legal counsel may be able to help you to understand both federal and local regulations concerning racially motivated firings. Armed with this knowledge, a wrongful termination attorney from our firm could more effectively stand up for your rights in court.

Federal and District Laws Concerning Race in the Workplace

The federal laws that prohibit racial discrimination in the workplace are among the oldest examples of equal protection laws. Codified as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, these laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees upon the basis of their race.

It should be noted that this statute only applies to certain employers. Workplaces with fewer than 15 employees can legally ignore these laws. Even if such an employer states that they are firing a worker because of their race, they may be immune from federal investigation.

Still, Washington DC laws provide additional protection. D.C. Code §2-1402.11(a), a portion of the DC Human Rights Law, states that any discrimination based upon a person’s race in their workplace is illegal. Contrary to federal laws, it is illegal for any employer to terminate an employee on the basis of their race anywhere in Washington DC, since there is no employee number requirement within the district. Consequently, a termination based on race lawyer in Washington DC could help you pursue legal action against any employer who terminated you based on race, no matter their size.

Potential Remedies Following an Illegal Firing

It can sometimes be very difficult to prove that an employer issued a termination for unjust reasons and not for another legal reason. Fired employees should know should note, though, that the law does not require a plaintiff to show that race was the only reason for a firing. It is sufficient to show that race was merely a factor in that decision.

This difference plays a major role in many illegal firing cases. The Human Rights Law states that courts in Washington DC have the jurisdiction to hear claims involving illegal firings. These claims may also demand compensation that includes reinstatement, the payment of monetary damages, liquidated damages in the most extreme cases, and even attorney’s fees.

A Washington DC lawyer could help you discover evidence of employer discrimination in termination based on race cases. We could also help to interface an individual’s case with any ongoing District investigation. If there is no current District investigation, one of our seasoned attorneys could help to initiate this process as well.

Let a Washington DC Termination Based on Race Attorney Help

Few experiences in life are as frustrating as losing a job for no good reason. Facing termination because of race certainly qualifies as a poor reason, as firing an employee because of their race is illegal under the Washington DC Human Rights Law.

Such a firing lead to a formal investigation by the District and aggrieved employees also have the right to directly sue their former employer. These lawsuits can demand reinstatement, the payment of lost wages, and even attorney’s fees.

A Washington DC termination based on race lawyer could help you pursue these cases. They may be able to work to discover the relevant evidence in the case, use that evidence to point to a discriminatory firing, and demand fair compensation in settlement talks and at trial. You only have a year from the date of firing to start a case, so call today to get started.