Washington DC Termination Based on Religion Lawyer

The right to practice religion in our own way is central to America life. In fact, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that religious belief is a person’s own interpretation, and so long as that belief is genuine, they ought to be free from prosecution.

Unfortunately, many employers do not follow this requirement. It is not uncommon for a worker to face discrimination, penalties, or even termination at work because of their religion. If you have faced blatant discrimination or a combination of smaller actions that equate to discrimination, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit following a wrongful termination.

A Washington DC termination based on religion lawyer may be able to help you by examining the actions of your employer to determine if they violate DC laws. If so, one of our dedicated wrongful termination attorneys could help you file a lawsuit that demands reinstatement, back pay, and even liquidated damages.

The Right to Practice Religion in Washington DC

All people in the United States have the right to practice their religion as they see fit, as the First Amendment states that the government may not infringe upon one’s religious beliefs. While the Constitution says nothing about workplace discrimination, Washington DC law expands these protections to all workers.

The District of Colombia Human Rights Law states that no person should face discrimination because of their religion. In addition, D.C. Code §2-1402.11 specifically affirms that it is illegal for any workplace to discriminate against a worker because of their religion.

A Washington DC termination based on religion lawyer could help employees who have endured poor working conditions because of their religion. In particular, they could work to explain the available protections under the law and protect workers’ rights in court.

How Could a Worker Prove Discrimination?

While it is a rare situation for an employer to say outright that they are firing an employee because of their religious beliefs, certain actions by an employer may indicate discrimination. If an employer insists that an employee takes shifts during a period of religious observance, such as the Sabbath for Orthodox Jews, a worker may be unable to work because of religious obligations. It would be religious discrimination if that employee were subsequently fired because of missed shifts.

Employers must make reasonable accommodations to adhere to your religious beliefs. For instance, employers must allow Muslims to pray during appointed times, must allow Christians to not work on Sundays, and must provide vegetarian options to Hindus during work functions. A termination based on religion attorney in Washington DC could help you examine your workplace environment and evaluate whether discrimination contributed to your termination.

Contact a Washington DC Termination Based on Religion Attorney Today

The Washington DC Human Rights Law extends constitutional religious protections to the workplace and prohibits any employer from discriminating against or terminating you because of your religion. This includes outright firing because of religious identity as well as failing to make reasonable accommodations for your religious needs.

If your career has suffered because of your religion, you may have the right to pursue a lawsuit. A Washington DC termination based on religion lawyer could help explain your rights, gather evidence of impropriety, and represent your interests in court. You have only one year from the date of termination to pursue a case, so call today to get started.