Washington DC Termination Due to Whistleblowing Lawyer

It can take a lot of courage to speak up about an unethical situation, and getting fired for doing so can be an exasperating experience. You should not be punished for demonstrating integrity.

If you were dismissed after you told the truth about your employer’s wrongdoing, Spiggle Law’s team of seasoned wrongful termination attorneys could help. A Washington DC termination due to whistleblowing lawyer could be a strong advocate on your behalf if you lost your job as a punishment for your honesty.

What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is when an employee comes to learn about illegal or immoral activities being performed by their employer and subsequently reports it. To remedy the situation, a worker might speak to the press or inform law enforcement about the unlawful behavior. Companies are prohibited by law from terminating employees due to whistleblowing, both in Washington DC and across the nation.

Laws That Promote Integrity

Both federal and local regulations provide protections for employees who decide to tell the truth about misconduct taking place at their companies. A capable attorney in Washington DC should be well-versed in laws relating to cases that involve termination due to whistleblowing.

Local Labor Laws

Washington DC labor statutes legitimated by Code of the District of Columbia §32-1363 prohibit an employer from discharging a worker for providing information to lawful authorities about wrongful acts occurring at the company. Per this statute, it is also unlawful for a business to threaten termination in order to prevent an employee from testifying against the organization.

Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989

The federal Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 safeguards employees against dismissals for reporting improper acts performed by businesses in the United States. In addition to DC laws, this national law is meant to provide security for workers who want to speak up about wrongdoings. If you reasonably believe that your employer is violating a rule, law, or regulation, your reporting of it cannot be the reason you are terminated from your job.

Government Employment

DC employs many people in government positions, and certain local employees may have access to sensitive material that could reveal illegal or corrupt activities. As such, Washington DC enforces labor laws that specifically protect those who blow the whistle on a government entity.

Under DC Code §2-223.02, government employers may not fire a worker who discloses unfavorable facts about their organization’s misconduct. Additionally, they are prohibited from ending a government agreement with a contractor because they fear prosecution. A qualified lawyer in DC may be able to help with government-related whistleblower termination cases.

Speak with a Washington DC Termination Due to Whistleblowing Attorney

If you are now unemployed because your company fired you for whistleblowing, legal assistance is available. In the same vein, if you believe you were let go because your employer feared that you were going to reveal their unlawful behavior, legal representation could make the difference in a successful case.

Both federal and local laws guarantee that you should not be punished for exhibiting integrity about illegal acts. Contact a Washington DC termination due to whistleblowing lawyer for help with your case.