Maryland Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Being unfairly or wrongfully fired from a job could be one of the most difficult and angering situations a person may face in their career. It is important to note that even if you are an at-will employee—meaning your employer could fire you at any time, with or without good cause—employers cannot fire you for a discriminatory reason.

Getting skilled legal advice as soon as possible from a Maryland wrongful termination lawyer may be a wise decision following a potentially illegitimate firing. Personalized guidance from an experienced attorney could help you fight for the best outcome available under the law.

Applicable Legislation Regarding Wrongful Termination

There is no one law that covers all wrongful termination scenarios. As an alternative, dozens of federal, state, and local laws apply to different workplaces and situations, meaning discriminatory behavior often violates more than one law.

Federal laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) make it illegal to fire someone because of their race, religion, sex, age, or inclusion in various other protected categories. Maryland’s State Employment Discrimination Law helps to prohibit discrimination based on characteristics not covered by federal law. An example of such characteristics includes sexual orientation. Employee protection laws further prohibit retaliation against whistleblowers and employees who resist unethical or illegal practices.

These are just a few of the laws that may apply in a given situation. A skilled Maryland attorney could help assess your employment situation and advise you on their rights following a wrongful termination.

Litigating Illegal Termination in Court

Filing a case in court may be a necessary part of seeking compensation for wrongful termination. It should be noted that most anti-discrimination laws require you to file a charge of discrimination with a state or federal agency before you are able to sue your employer for damages. Depending on the applicable law, there may be additional filing deadlines and specific procedures to follow.

In certain cases, there may be a more effective or efficient way to achieve your goals. For example, when there is strong evidence of wrongdoing, or if you wish to avoid lengthy litigation, negotiating an out-of-court settlement may be a preferable option. No matter how a case is pursued, a wrongful termination lawyer in Maryland could swiftly negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, to take a case to court.

What Damages Are Available from a Wrongful Termination Claim?

The specifics of recourse in an illegal firing claim depend on which laws apply to a given situation. In many cases, an aggrieved employee who wins their case may receive back pay, the value of lost benefits, interest, and attorneys’ fees.

Additionally, the court may order the employer to reinstate the terminated employee and pay punitive damages to punish any wrongdoing. In examining your case, knowledgeable legal counsel could advise you about what types and amounts of damages may be possible to recover in your specific circumstances and your general chances of success.

Speak with a Maryland Wrongful Termination Attorney

When you hire an employment lawyer, their first objective is to fully investigate your specific situation and determine your cause of action for filing a claim. Whether a case warrants a lawsuit brought to court, out-of-court settlement, or other actions, individual attention from a skilled Maryland wrongful termination lawyer could be a crucial step to ending unfair employment practices. Call today to discuss what we could do for you.