Virginia Termination Based on Gender Lawyer

If you are facing termination or disciplinary action based on gender stereotypes, or if you are concerned you are being singled out because of your gender, do not start legal proceedings against the responsible parties alone. Instead, seek help from a skilled Virginia termination based on gender lawyer to ensure your case proceeds efficiently and effectively.

A qualified attorney may be an important resource for advice and expertise about the rights and protections that may be available to you under state, federal, or local laws. Whether your employer has already terminated you or you are just concerned about what could happen in the future, getting legal assistance as soon as possible may be the smartest thing you do.

Laws Against Gender Discrimination in Virginia

Federal and state laws clearly make it illegal to terminate a qualified employee because of their gender. Despite this, gender-based discrimination is a persistent problem in many workplaces.

Federal Laws Against Termination Based on Gender

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the primary federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in employment. This law makes it illegal to terminate, demote, refuse to hire, or otherwise take adverse action against someone because of their sex.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is charged with overseeing this and a number of other federal employment laws. Anyone who wishes to file a federal gender discrimination lawsuit must first file an administrative complaint—known as a “charge of discrimination”—with the EEOC or a cooperating state agency.

Other federal laws that protect against sex discrimination include the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act. These laws, as well as Title VII, contain anti-retaliation provisions that prohibit terminating someone because they have complained about gender discrimination or helped with a gender discrimination case.

State and Local Laws Prohibiting Gender Bias in Employment

The Virginia Human Rights Act prohibits gender-based discrimination within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It also includes discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth-related conditions.

The Virginia Council on Human Rights is responsible for enforcing this law. In addition, a number of local governments throughout Virginia have passed ordinances prohibiting gender discrimination.

Local and state laws may apply in situations in which Title VII does not apply. Anyone with questions about their legal rights under these many laws may benefit from consulting with a Virginia termination based on gender attorney who has a strong background helping plaintiffs pursue gender-based discrimination cases.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Laws against sex discrimination can also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. For example, for the past several years, the EEOC has interpreted Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination to also cover discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Numerous federal courts have accepted this interpretation of the law.

Let a Virginia Termination Based on Gender Attorney Help

If you experienced a termination from employment based on gender discrimination, you may want to get legal assistance when dealing with the aftermath. A Virginia termination based on gender lawyer who understands the many laws that apply to workplaces in this state could review your situation and give you options for proceeding and help you to advance your best interests. Take advantage of our online case review tool to learn more about ways that the Spiggle Law Firm could potential help you.