Virginia Termination Based on Race Lawyer

Racism still exists today and arises in many forms within the workplace. Regrettably, discrimination can lead not only to unwelcome treatment in the workplace but also to termination.

Our team of Virginia termination based on race lawyers could help you if you were let go from your job based on unlawful racial discrimination. Our compassionate and skilled wrongful termination attorneys work hard to uphold the federal and state laws that stand against discrimination.

Actions Considered Racial Discrimination

Virginia employees should be treated equally, regardless of their racial background. Racial discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly simply because of their racial background. Racial discrimination can be subtle or could be more obvious in the workplace.

Termination based on race is one form of discrimination in the workplace, any unfair treatment based on a person’s race is considered discrimination. Racial discrimination may also be targeted toward a single employee of a particular race or towards an entire group of employees belonging to the same race.

Laws Prohibiting Racist Behavior

Prevailing state and federal laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees based on race, color, and national origin. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) lists race as a protected characteristic. Similarly, the Virginia Human Rights Act (VHRA) prohibits racial discrimination in the workplace.

Title VII and the VHRA apply almost universally, even to employees-at-will. A Virginia termination based on race attorney could further explain how each law impacts a case.

Understanding When Termination is Illegal

Termination based on race is when an employer’s reasons for firing the employee is directly related to their race. An employee may also experience termination based on the race of their spouse, which is also protected from racial discrimination under the law.

Termination based on race and other forms of racial discrimination usually affects minority populations. Even so, racial discrimination can happen even when the person participating in the discriminatory termination is themselves a minority or the same race as the victim. Finally, being fired for reporting or filing a claim alleging racial harassment or discrimination can also give rise to a wrongful termination claim.

Who Enforces Racial Discrimination Laws in Virginia?

Racial discrimination laws are usually enforced by federal or state government agencies and sometimes by the courts. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency that enforces racial discrimination laws pursuant to Title VII and other federal discrimination statutes.

Racial discrimination claims that fall under the jurisdiction of Virginia state law is investigated and enforced by the Virginia Division of Human Rights (DHR). In some cases, the case will proceed to court for enforcement, but usually only after the claim is filed and evaluated by the EEOC or the DHR.

How a Virginia Termination Based on Race Attorney Could Help

If you suspect that the reason for your termination has anything to do with your race, you should strongly consider contacting a knowledgeable Virginia termination based on race lawyer. Racism in the workplace is not something that should be tolerated or perpetrated. The lawyers could fight with you to right the wrongs you have experienced.

If you are in Virginia and would like to schedule a consultation to review your case, call today. We are available to listen to your questions and concerns. Learn more about your options today.