Virginia Retaliatory Termination Lawyer

Have you recently been fired from your job without justification or as a form of revenge? If so, you have been the subject of retaliatory termination. An employer may hire, fire, promote, demote and lay off employees for any reason except if it is against the law.

The law protects employees from any form of retaliation, especially retaliation for employees engaging in protected activities such as participating in an investigation, reporting unlawful behavior, and whistleblowing. If you were fired in retaliation for engaging in a protected activity, you may be able to receive compensation, job reinstatement or other damages.

Our skilled team of Virginia retaliatory termination lawyers represents employees who have been unlawfully terminated from their jobs. Our passionate wrongful termination attorneys firmly believe in protecting your livelihood and standing up against retaliatory termination.

Limits of Employment At-Will

Virginia, like most states, is an employment-at-will jurisdiction. There are many misconceptions about what employment-at-will means for employees. A common misconception is that employees working in an at-will employment state can be fired by their employers for any reason. While this is the general rule, there are some notable exceptions.

Retaliatory termination is one. Employers who engage in the retaliatory termination of an at-will employee are in violation of the law and may be held liable for wrongful termination. To determine whether a termination was in retaliation for your actions, you may want to consult with a Virginia attorney.

Retaliation for Protected Activities

Retaliatory termination based on unlawful discrimination is sadly a common occurrence in the workplace. Unlawful retaliation may include disciplinary action, demotion, harassment, and termination.

Employees are protected from retaliatory termination in various circumstances. For example, unlawful retaliatory termination may occur in response to an employee:

  • Filing a claim alleging discrimination
  • Participating in the investigation of a discrimination claim
  • Internally reporting discriminatory conduct
  • Serving as a witness in a discrimination claim
  • Declining to engage in discriminatory practices

Virginia laws protect employees in these situations. An employee is within their rights to partake in any of these activities without facing recourse from their employer.

Proving Retaliatory Termination

While employers do not need to have a fair reason for terminating an employee, they must have a lawful reason. Consequently, retaliatory termination can be difficult for employees to prove. Since most reasons for terminating an employee are permissible under the doctrine of employment-at-will, the burden of proof is up to the employee. A hard-working Virginia retaliatory termination lawyer could work to gather the necessary evidence for building your retaliatory termination case.

That is why it is important to gather and introduce supporting evidence such as witness statements, correspondence, and any records of disciplinary actions. A knowledgeable Virginia attorney could identify relevant evidence and use it to the employee’s advantage in their retaliatory termination case.

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